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How are tufted carpets produced

With advances in manufacturing technology, 95% of all carpet produced today is tufted. It takes about an hour to make a roll of carpet that might take 8 hours to weave.  To make tufted carpet, hundreds of yarn-threaded needles are pushed through the primary backing fabric to form loops or tufts, which may be left as is or cut.

A heavy adhesive coating is applied to hold the tufts in place and a secondary backing is usually glued on for strength and stability. A wide variety of styles and textures can then be created using various techniques.

What different types of tufted carpet can you get.

Tufted carpets can come in Loop Pile, Bonded, Cut-Pile or Cut and Loop.

How popular are woven carpets

Woven carpet is in the minority of today's production but still produces some of the finest carpets which are used for prestigious installations.

Axminster woven carpets have the pile of the carpet inserted into the backing as it is woven and cut to length, thereafter creating a U-shaped tufts to give a velvety surface. The process locks in the fibre to create a carpet of high durability and performance retention.

What is the difference between Axminster, Wilton, Sisal, Pile, Woven, Tufted carpets?

Whats the difference between all six and what does the term pile or woven mean? 

Buying a carpet can be a minefield so youll need to know the basics. 

At Floorlines Direct we will try and help you through the process with some essential advice for furnishing your floor. 

If you have any further questions please give us a call and we will be more than happy to help and advise.

What is Woven carpet?

Wilton and Axminster weave carpets are woven carpets. On Axminster loom, individual tufts are cut to the correct length then placed within the backing and on a Wilton loom weave it is a continuous loop, which is then cut to the correct pile height.

Wilton carpets are normally plain or have a small number of colours.

The Axminster weave carpets are far more versatile this can cope with multiple colours and patterns. 

What is Tufted carpet?

Tufted carpets are less expensive due to a less labour intensive process. They are produced on a tufting machine which is a bit like a very large sewing machine resulting in a quick and efficient process.

Tufted carpets can be in a variety of different yarns, wool, nylon and to polyester, polypropylene and blends of both types.

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