Cavalier Carpets

Our founder began selling carpet to homeowners from a market stall, then began building a reputation as a leading british manufacturer in the early seventies.

Floorlines Direct are proud to offer 37 ranges of Cavalier Carpets, an established British Company of over 40 years experience.

Although todays tastes may be more sophisticated and choice seems to be endless, our commitment to providing the homemaker with the finest range of quality floorcoverings still stands.

Every one of our residential products goes through the same rigorous process of development and precise manufacture as a bespoke order, to ensure the customer receives the carpet they desire.

Nobody else can offer the same level of quality, choice and colour off the peg.

At Cavalier we like to think there is no such thing as a 'plain carpet!

FREE 10 Year Stain Warranty

Cavalier products with a Stain Warranty will resist stains by food and beverages for a period of 10(ten) years, this includes:

  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Cola
  • Red Wine
  • Curry
  • Gravy
  • Pasta Sauce

This warranty provides you with all the reassurance you need that you have purchased carpet that will handle just about everything life can throw at it.

The carpet is manufactured to a very high standard using fibres which are both resilient and have an inbuilt ability to deflect dust & dirt, spills & stains, which leaves you free to enjoy the luxurious underfoot comfort.

Accidents will happen, but at least now you can be confident that your choice of carpet means that it need not be a disaster. We guarantee to replace, free of charge, any carpet protected by this guarantee which has a food or drink stain that cannot be removed by our approved professional cleaning company.

FREE 10 Year Wear Warranty

The yarns used in the making of your Cavalier 'STAIN-LESS' carpet are amongst the most technically advanced available.

Polypropylene has an inherently high tensile strength and an unrivalled ability to withstand the wear and tear of even the busiest households.

We offer this warranty with the confidence that the carpet will wear less than 10% over the first 10 years of its lifetime.

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